Alsid is for Active Directory.  Fix your weaknesses before hackers exploit them.  Detect and Respond to attacks in real-time.


A simple, clean AD

Once upon a time, your AD topology was sound, only a handful of objects had power over your domains, and they were isolated and closely monitored.

The complexity curse

Years of growth, merges, and modifications made your AD a complex sea of objects with privilege interdependencies.

Active Directory insecurity is the root of all compromises

The bad news: Nothing can prevent hackers from compromising one of your computers. Too many devices, too many apps, the uncontrollable human factor—too much to overcome. That fight is over. So be it. The good news: there are only a handful of vital IT assets that allow hackers to spread after the initial breach, and one towers above them all: Active Directory.

Pain in the AD

A $1.5-trillion cybercrime industry is evolving faster than AD’s 20-year-old defenses:

  • Active Directory’s security foundations haven’t changed much over the past two decades
  • That’s more than enough time for attackers to find weaknesses common to nearly every AD install
  • Even the most basic threat actors have mastered the art of hiding from logs and traditional monitoring tools
  • The countless headlines over the last few years are proof that criminals have the upper hand

Plenty of existing weaknesses to play with

With years of growth and restructuring, your AD likely has hundreds of hidden weaknesses and attack pathways, a.k.a. lateral movement opportunities, threatening global compromise.

A constant stream of new attack pathways

Multiple new attack pathways emerge every day in large organizations, while sophisticated threat actors need as little as 17 minutes to get from first infection to domain domination.

A nightmare for Incident Response 

Active Directory creates a mountain of logs, and cutting through this noise drains Incident Response and Threat Hunting resources. When every second counts, complexity is your enemy.

Decade-old, helpless detection tech

Some of the most vicious attacks (e.g. DCSync and DCShadow) leave zero trace and cannot be captured by old-school, log- and agent-based detection tactics.

We have a solution.

Fix and monitor your Active Directory before it’s too late.  Equip your AD admins, red & blue teams, security analysts, threat hunters, and incident responders with the most advanced security platform for Active Directory.

No agents. No privileges. No nonsense. Just harden, detect, and respond.