SEP sesam
powerful, dynamic, unbeatable…

A Whole New Experience of SEP Hybrid Backup

With a variety of powerful new features, SEP sesam is now even better suited to the growing demands of changing IT-environments. SEP sesam Beefalo not only offers new agents and hypervisor modules, but also significantly improved functionality to make data protection a lot easier.

New Experience of VMware Backup Configuration

  • Simple management of big numbers of VMs
  • Bulk creation of backup tasks for existing and new VMs
  • Task distribution into predefined groups
  • Bulk deletion of tasks without VMs
  • VM filtering via name, state, os etc.
  • Saving of customized views
  • Automatic task creation for new VMs via scheduled scripting

Backup and Recovery from start to finish


  • After cutting the data stream into chunks and compression of each chunk, each chunk can now be encrypted by an arbitrary admin-defined keyDefine users, roles and permissions
  • Encryption has to be set in the properties of the first drive of a Si3 DedupStore
  • Requires activated authentication
  • Uses the key algorithm: IDEA


  • Ensures compliance with general data protection legislation (e.g. BSI)drive of a Si3 DedupStore
  • Completes the encrypted data chain after transmission
  • Alternative to software-based and LTO encryption

Self Service Restore

  • Restore of your files wherever and whenever you need it
  • Fast recovery by the user without the need of an administrator
  • Big easement especially for MSPs 
  • Easy-to-use web frontend
  • Navigation and search function
  • Diverse restore options (to original path, to custom path, new version, overwrite existing files and do not overwrite existing files)
  • Help button for each function
  • Easy to switch between Restore Assistant, Restore Monitor and Dashboard


SEP sesam Hypervisor Support

SEP sesam is the Hybrid Backup solution with the widest range of Hypervisor support.