Cloud-2-Cloud Backup and Restore of Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Google Workspace

Backup-as-a-Service with unlimited retention time and storage space included.  Your FULLSERVICE without any extra costs.

(52) Cloud2Cloud Backup of Services like MS365, Salesforce, G Suite or Dynamics with SEP CAPS (Lang_EN) - YouTube

This video shows you how easy it is to backup Microsoft 365 with SEP sesam.

Content of the video:

  • Benefits with SEP CAPS
  • Responsibilities
  • Threats to your Cloud Data
  • Regulations
  • Microsoft 365, G Suite, Salesforce and MS Dynamics 365
  • FAQs
  • SEP Wiki
  • Connector
  • Create and View of users
  • Job Monitor
  • Audit Log

Presented by:
Klaus Riehm (SEP Senior Presales Engineer)

Customer responsibilties

Responsibility for Data in Cloud Apps

Cloud applications like Microsoft 365, Salesforce, G Suite and Microsoft Dynamics offer many advantages. However, the service provider only ensures the availability of the platform. The user´s responsibility is to back up the data. SEP CAPS closes this security gap. The solution is both user-friendly and one of the most comprehensive backup solutions on the market.

Full Protection of Your Cloud Data

SEP CAPS cloud-to-cloud backup ensures full protection of your data. With SEP CAPS’s automated backup to a physical independent & safe location, you can access your data anytime – even if your SaaS application is experiencing downtime. This Backup-as-a-Service is a complete solution which includes redundant data centers, storage, updateservice and unlimited retention according to individual requirements.

SEP CAPS Backup and Recovery for Microsoft 365 - Backup-as-a-Service with unlimited retention and storage place included

Stay productive with a Cloud-based backup solution that automatically protects the whole Microsoft 365 system against lost or damaged data 

The faster you can complete a restore process, the better for your productivity. Microsoft 365 comes with limited backup and restore options. Microsoft relies on recycle bins and file versions as the main recovery mechanisms with many limitations. Restores beyond users correcting their own mistakes have to be done by skilled operators. Finding the correct data to restore can be time consuming. Furthermore, Microsoft 365 relies on backup data inside the Microsoft Cloud. Any problems here, and the backup could be blocked. 

SEP CAPS is based on an encrypted backup data connector from Microsoft 365 to an EU datacenter using advanced synchronization technology. No hardware is needed on-premise. It only takes five minutes to be protected by the most advanced backup service available. All data is encrypted by military-grade encryption. Advanced Blockchain technology is used to make the backup tamperproof and it does not end there: none of the datacenters run any Microsoft or Google software, meaning the backup data is protected against even the most vicious malware. Backups will automatically be scheduled to maximize connector performance, usually taking place four times a day.

Restoring is super easy. Restore operators can search across multiple backup snapshots and preview data to verify that the data to be restored is the needed data. The restored data can be in-place, as links or as an archive, enabling the user to select the needed data. All operations are queued, thereby saving time for the operator. The operators can be assigned rights as needed and all operations are stored in tamper-proof logs. All this makes the SEP CAPS the most advanced backup solution on the market today – powered by Keepit.

Simple pay-per-use price model, i.e. according to monthly backed up users. This Backup-as-a-Service is a complete solution (including update service, redundant data center, unlimited storage according to individual requirements, GDPR-compliant) - no extra costs!

Automatic backup with fast restore

  • 256-bit encryption and Blockchain technology
  • Dedicated EU backup center with own private cloud
  • Time Machine search ensures fast selection of items to restore
  • Easy to use interface 
  • Full support for Microsoft Teams and Groups
  • All restore operations are queued and logged 
  • No install of software or hardware needed to be protected
  • Unlimited or individual retention
  • Data Retention in SEP CAPS without backup of new data
  • flexible CAPS Services: Microsoft 365 Exchange Online, Microsoft 365 Total or data retention without active backups
  • EU-GDPR-compliant: the data processor works exclusively on the instructions of the data owner. This distinction is important in that SEP does not collect or store data that is not expressly designated by the data owner. No actions are taken without the instruction of the data owner.