NETCB's range of solutions addresses the following areas within our clients' ICT environments:

Digital Workspaces

The way we interact with each other using digital technology to improve our daily productivity has become a critical aspect of any organisation.  We provide an extensive set of unique solutions that enable organisations to manage their workforces (on-premise staff and remote workers) through various technologies that allow a hybrid approach.  We leverage on-premise solutions that we can extend with cloud-based applications to create a seamless working environment for the following:

  • Electronic Communications (E-Mail, Calendar, Scheduling, Task Management, Video Conferencing, Instant Messaging)
  • Document Management (Protection of you digital assets)
  • Archiving and Records management (Ensuring legislative compliance)
  • Secure File Sharing (Management of restricted file access)
  • Application Distribution and Management (Simplify access to applications including keeping applications up to date)
  • Case Management (Providing custom-built workflow solutions to address line of business functions)

Cyber Security

Maintaining a highly secured Information Technology environment has become the most critical requirement for any organisations.  From digital access control, identity management, access governance, real-time auditing and monitoring to threat detection and remediation, NETCB provides you with end-to-end security management solutions and practices:

  • Identity Provisioning and Management (Identity Life Cycle for on-premise and cloud identity provisioning)
  • Access Governance (Access Verification and Accountability)
  • Multi-factor Access Management (What you know and what you have to gain access)
  • End-point Threat Detection and Response (Protection from Ransomware)
  • Vulnerability Assessment, Detection and Remediation (Resolve your Cyber weaknesses)
  • Digital Asset Protection and Recovery (Recover from any form of disaster)
  • Zero Trust Protection (Trust no one)
  • Auditing, Analytics and Reporting Frameworks (Have visibility of every security event)
  • Privileged Account Access Management (Control your administrators)
  • Host Access Management (Secure access to traditional host systems - UNIX, Mainframe Terminal sessions, etc)
  • Cloud Access Management (Secure your workforce's access to cloud services) 

Hybrid Cloud Computing

Cloud computing enables organisations to rapidly deploy applications and solutions to improve your organisation's ability to remain agile, competitive and improve your productivity.  It however opens up a whole can of worms when it comes to remain compliant with legislative frameworks depending on the country where you need your data residency must be located.  It also increases the complexity of managing your on-premise ICT infrastructure and your Cloud ICT infrastructure.  NETCB provides solutions and practices that will allow you to seamlessly manage a Hybrid Cloud approach:

  • Hybrid Data Centres (Extending your existing data centre to cloud services)
  • Data Protection of your Cloud Data (Recovery from disasters)
  • Legal Residency of your Data (Know where your data is located)
  • Holistic Hybrid Cloud monitoring and management (Centralised Management dashboards for on-premise and cloud infrastructures)