This training course has been designed for software developers that want to leverage the power of Vibe through custom software development using HTML, Javascript and Java custom libraries. It is required that students know and understand HTML, Javascript and Java before attending this course.

The following topics are covered:

  • Overview of Development APIs in Vibe
  • Customising Vibe components using HTML
  • Customising Vibe notifications using HTML
  • Customising Vibe E-Mail Templates
  • Customising Vibe Entries using JSP
  • Customising Vibe Workflows using JSP
  • Using Vibe Web Services
  • Creating custom extensions for Vibe
  • Integrating Vibe with Line of Business applications


This course will not teach you HTML, Javascript or Java. It is expected that you already have an understanding of these development platforms.


The course duration is FIVE days and is instructor-led.