NETCB provides a range of System Administrator training courses, End User training courses and material, as well as customised training for the various technologies that we support.  In most cases training is included when we implement our solutions for our customers, but we do find that many customers already have some of these systems implemented, but need their system administrators to be skilled up to take advantage of the features and functionality available in the latest versions of these various platforms that we do support.

All our instructors are also expert consultants in the field, so they do part with a wealth of practical knowledge during the skills transfer process, and make sure that the students attending these courses also gain practical insight on how to support and implement these technologies.

Our training courses are mostly developed by our consultants as standardised courses from the vendors themselves often do not cover the real world where our courses are intended to ensure hands-on practical experience with many notes from the field.

We have certain minimum requirements when we do present these courses, but this will be determined when we prepare a training curriculum for your environment.