The GroupWise Document Migrator for OpenText Vibe will allow any existing client of OpenText GroupWise to migrate any of the document Libraries in GroupWise to OpenText Vibe.  All the Meta Data associated with these documents in GroupWise Libraries are migrated to Vibe, including all access rights.

Document Data Migrated:
  • Complete Meta Data profile of EACH document in GroupWise DMS as an Entry Type in Vibe - The Entry Type must also have the corresponding Meta Data Fields.
  • All versions of the document in GroupWise is transferred to the single Entry in Vibe.
  • The original owner of the document will be the owner of the document in Vibe if it still exists, else whoever has been designated as the new author for the document will be the Entry Owner.
  • Original Creation Date is also maintained in Vibe.
  • If Owner no longer exists, the original creator will be indicated on the Meta Data.
  • The complete Activity log for the document in GroupWise is also transferred as a text attachment to the Entry in Vibe.
  • The tool is user friendly enough as it has a graphical user interface where the operator will select the library that must be migrated and then shows you a list of possible Entry Types in Vibe that you can use for the Document Entry Type.
  • It also allows one to migrate batches or certain ranges of documents.
  • It also can run up to 4 migration threads to speed up the migration process.
  • It does require a NETCB Vibe extension to be installed on the Vibe server as we perform certain actions on the Vibe backend during the migration process.
Vibe Representation
  • The Migration will migrate documents to a designated location in Vibe. This can be customised but most customers opt for folders representing the various libraries and then batches of the migrated documents.
  • Users can then search on their documents and even use the original GroupWise DMS number to locate a document. (plus the Library Name)