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 NETCB's GroupWise Video Conferencing Add-on for OpenText GroupWise will allow a user to schedule a Video Conferencing enabled meeting from within the GroupWise Windows client.  This Add-on for GroupWise will work with GroupWise version 2014 and onwards, although it is recommended to use OpenText GroupWise  18.3.1 or later.

The GroupWise Video Conferencing Add-on from NETCB supports the  Video Conferencing Platforms as indicated in the banner image above.  More platforms will be added over time.

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The GroupWise Video Conferencing Add-on is licensed as an annual subscription.  Two subscription models are available:

Subscription Type  Details  Annual Subscription
Limited Subscription  If you only need the video conferencing add-on for a selected number of your GroupWise Users or the number of users is less than 50 GroupWise users, this rate will apply.  This is only applicable to your Windows Client users.    USD 28.50 
Enterprise Subscription If you need the Add-on for all your GroupWise Users, and the number of users is more than 50 users, this rate will apply.  This is only applicable to your Windows Client users. USD 15.50

Discount options are provided for Education clients, as well as volume license discounts.  The above pricing does not include government taxes that may be applicable in certain countries.


You can obtain the GroupWise Video Conferencing Add-on from NETCB directly, or via any of our registered partners.  Please complete the contact form to get more information on the GroupWise Video Conferencing Add-on. 

Request a free trial by completing this form.

Partners that are interested in providing this Add-on to their clients can send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Dashboard

The Video Conferencing Add-on provides you with a Dashboard from where you can see upcoming or recently scheduled meetings.  You can also launch your Video Conferencing Meetings from this dashboard.

NETCB GWVC Dashboard

Scheduling of a Meeting

You can schedule a meeting using any of your favourite video conferencing platforms from our Add-on.


Completing your scheduled meeting

Once the meeting has been created on the Video Conferencing platform, you merely need to add the attendees for the meeting that you select from your GroupWise Address Book or external parties.  You can also add attachments to your meeting request that will be created in OpenText GroupWise.


Meeting in GroupWise

Once the meeting has been scheduled the appointment will appear in your GroupWise calendar, including the calendars of the individuals you have invited to the meeting.

NETCB GWVC MS Teams GW Appointment

This appointment in GroupWise can then be used to start a video conferencing meeting from any device or platform by merely clicking on the conferencing links provided within the appointment.