BACKUP EAGLE® monitors your backup jobs/restores, backup servers, and backup devices.  BACKUP EAGLE® enables backup monitoring to concentrate on the really relevant errors and to detect problems in advance.  

The “Last Mile” in IT Automation. Offload repetitive processes . . . safely!  Cimitra uses a more secure and granular approach to rights, which at Cimitra we call “Micro-Administration”. Gartner Inc. refers to this genre of technology as “Democratization of Expertise“.

Send alerts to any corporate device: PCs, phones, tablets, etc. The high visibility combined with their 100% open rate guarantee means you can be sure your employees get the message and it won't be skipped or ignored, especially when an emergency happens, or there is an IT system outage, or you need every employee to be actively notified.

Daily and often repeated authentication into many information systems bothers users and causes considerable financial losses. The need to maintain and use multiple user names and passwords leads to a reduction in safety and causes further costs.

Liquit Workspace provides innovative application delivery and access for today’s hybrid technology environments.  Empower your workforce with the same clean, efficient experience, no matter the platform application or device. 

Your IT administrator might use the same master password for every computer within your company. The possibility of compromising this password poses a major security risk. Let us help you with managing your passwords.

The SEP backup and disaster recovery solutions will meet and exceed the challenges of managing HYBRID and federated IT environments today and tomorrow.