NETCB Distribution is a division within NETCB with the sole purpose of acting as the distributor for a range of software solutions that we deem relevant to the African continent.  NETCB distribution has been appointed as the African distributor for these software solutions.  These software products are only available from our network of business partners across the African continent.

The GroupWise Video Conferencing Add-on and other NETCB developed solutions are available from NETCB's Global Distributor and Partner Network that are not on the African continent.

There are some rare cases where NETCB will be working directly with a client, but these are for specific named accounts where NETCB originally and historically was the incumbent partner.  Once a client issues an open tender process, NETCB does not particpipate in these processes as these products can only be procured via NETCB's Partner Network by the clients.