Enable digital transformation of document processes to improve customer experience and optimize conversion strategies using a single, scalable platform designed for enterprise.

What is Rendition Server?

Foxit Rendition Server delivers a robust set of document-to-PDF conversion functions to the entire enterprise from a single, highly scalable platform. By breaking down silos between how paper and digital documents are managed among disjointed business systems, Rendition Server reduces document processing costs, increases productivity, and enables digital transformation.

With a global team of experts in PDF technology behind it, Foxit Rendition Server supports highly specialized document conversion and creation options. These conversion strategies can be fine-tuned to optimize documents for faster customer experience, accessibility, searchability (OCR), digital archiving, and compliance requirements for court systems, government, life sciences, and financial services.

Rendition Server is an on-premise conversion web service platform that adds virtually limitless document-to-PDF processing capabilities to your enterprise workflows. It is a great fit for organizations who convert millions or billions of documents per year across multiple processes, systems, or departments.

Create Faster Customer Experiences

Customers and prospects gravitate toward the vendor who can provide them with the fastest, smoothest experience. In order for enterprises to remain competitive with nimble, digital newcomers, they need to be able to support faster and leaner document processes. For example, the lender that can process all the documents associated with a mortgage loan application the fastest can turn around a faster approval decision to the borrower, making it more likely that they will win the business over slower competitors.

Rendition Server supports faster customer experiences by reliably automating large-scale document processing and minimizing exception handling time. With automatic failover and load-balancing, Rendition Server prevents any single point of failure from disrupting system performance. Further, the document conversion platform is fully scalable, enabling enterprises to automatically scale up or down to support peaks in processing demand effectively.

Lastly, with the ability to ingest a wide variety of image document and born-digital file formats, Rendition Server enables automatic processing of more documents. This limits the time and cost associated with manual exception handling and reduces the need to ask the customer to resubmit their documents in a different file format. With Rendition Server, your enterprise will create faster, leaner document processes that facilitate better customer experiences and more opportunities to generate new revenue as a result.

Break Down Silos with Enterprise Document-to-PDF Conversion

Different departments, locations, and processes within the same enterprise often use different document conversion solutions to grapple with the varying volumes and types of documents they receive. This silo approach leads to fragmented, inconsistent processing that can cause compliance issues, weakened business processes, and unstandardized repositories. In addition, enterprises using multiple document conversion solutions accrue unnecessary expenses tied to maintenance, training, and renewal expenses on those redundant technologies.

To save costs and ensure standardized document conversion across the organization, the modern enterprise needs a scalable, made-for-cloud solution that can process documents regardless of their input channel or file format. Rendition Server helps organizations break down document process silos by enabling them to manipulate a wide array of both paper and electronic inputs, including but not limited to common formats such as:

  • Scanned PDFs
  • TIFF images
  • Pictures from mobile devices
  • Faxes
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and more)
  • Email
  • HTML
  • Zip files

These inputs can then be transformed into documents that are full-text searchable with OCR, archivable, encrypted and password-protected, redacted, accessible, or otherwise according to the specification of individual document process needs. Further, as a fully scalable, made-for-cloud platform designed for high-throughput document processing, Rendition Server supports the varying volume needs of different departments and systems throughout the enterprise.