The Data-to-Everything Platform includes everything you need to ensure your digital initiatives succeed. Whether you're just starting to digitize, or you were born in the cloud, innovate with confidence with purpose-built solutions driven by AI and machine learning.




A Unique Investigative Approach

Splunk's agile architecture doesn’t structure data until you ask it a question. Ingest any data — at rest or in motion — regardless of source or type and answer questions across business, IT, and security, and DevOps functions.

Built for Enterprise Scale

Analyze at an unprecedented scale. Powerful search capabilities provide cohesive analytical experiences on massive data sets of any scale and across any number of data sources.

Take action on data in motion

Stream processing provides more control over the explosion of enterprise data. Get better visibility in any environment and accelerate business critical insights to meet real time KPIs.

Accessible Through Connected Experiences

Empower more users beyond technical experts to monitor and act on data through mobile, TV, augmented reality and virtual reality. 

Faster Answers With Analytics Workspace

React instantly to your data by visualizing and alerting on metrics or events data with a drag-and-drop interface. Convert logs into metrics and boost search and monitoring performance as well as alerting functions.

Interactive Dashboards and Visualization

Create and share interactive dashboards and visualizations that tell a story with your data, so the entire business can effectively see and act quickly.