Send alerts to any corporate device: PCs, phones, tablets, etc. The high visibility combined with their 100% open rate guarantee means you can be sure your employees get the message and it won't be skipped or ignored, especially when an emergency happens, or there is an IT system outage, or you need every employee to be actively notified.

What is DeskAlerts?

DeskAlerts Alerting Software is a special system that allows for the transmission of information to a large number of people effectively and guarantees to catch the attention of receivers without causing any disturbances. This powerful desk alert software lets you quickly communicate with everyone in your workplace about current or planned tasks, taking pressure off your IT department or help desk without relying on email.

You can instantly tell who has seen and read your messages and gather statistics that you can use to demonstrate your communication efforts.

DeskAlerts Alerting Platform

DeskAlerts is a web-based alert notification system. It allows you to send alerts to specified recipients in the form of a desktop pop-up window, wallpaper, screensaver, email, SMS or push notification. 

If you are a manager of a company who wants to send messages to your employees with just one click of a mouse, then a desktop alert software is the right product for you. This intelligent software can perform mass notification to all the recipients that you define. It also allows full tracking so that you know if the employee has received the message or not.

DeskAlerts boasts completely customizable desktop and server configurations that are not matched by other messaging systems.

  • DeskAlerts server Control Panel is hosted within your organization. It includes web interface for composing and sending content, as well as for managing the whole notifications system.
  • DeskAlerts Desktop Agent is a lightweight application installed on an employee’s machine in order to receive desktop popups, tickers, screensavers, wallpapers etc.
  • DeskAlerts Mobile App is an application installed on an employee’s cellphone in order to receive common push notifications, surveys, video-alerts etc.
  • DeskAlerts One-Click App for Emergency is an application installed on a publisher’s cellphone in order to send predefined emergency alerts in one click.

The DeskAlerts software automatically tracks and stores alert activity with centralized storage that provides instant reporting on user receipt.

Why is compliance so important?

There are many laws, rules, and regulations that businesses need to comply with. This includes taxation, workplace health and safety, employment laws, and more. Communicating these requirements, including ensuring deadlines are met and important documentation is lodged, is essential for your company to avoid compliance breaches and potential penalties.

Why effective communication is needed for compliance?

When employees are not aware of or don’t understand the importance of your company’s compliance obligations, it can lead to significant issues. Employees often receive more emails each week than they can open, read and respond to. Research has found 69% of employees are overwhelmed by the amount of email they receive. Without effective communication, you risk failing compliance activities.

What does an Emergency Alert System do?

When you need to communicate vital information with your employees quickly to keep them safe, you need an effective emergency messaging system.
DeskAlerts is an emergency notification system for businesses that enables you to send urgent information to your employees in an emergency or disaster situation. If alarms start ringing because of a threat, the people in your organization will be notified promptly via emergency alerts that will provide instructions about what steps to take to be safe.

How DeskAlerts can assist when there is an IT System Outage?

Send alerts about IT outages, crashes or unavailable services to more than 1000 employees in just one to two seconds. A message will pop-up on top of all applications on the user's screen. It blocks an employee's work until he or she reads it to the end. It's guaranteed that alerts will be received and seen by 100% of employees.

Boost your Employee Engagement levels

Increase the levels of employee engagement in your workplace and improve internal communication with our alerting solution.  Send all your important corporate news via pop-up alerts, deliver hints and tips, or create surveys to see employee feedback in real time.  DeskAlerts is packed with features to the communication flow in your organization with tools like screensavers, corporate wallpaper, digital signage, video alerts, polls and RSVP invitations combining to give you more cut-through with your campaigns.