BACKUP EAGLE® monitors your backup jobs/restores, backup servers, and backup devices.  BACKUP EAGLE® enables backup monitoring to concentrate on the really relevant errors and to detect problems in advance.  

BACKUP EAGLE® detects missing backups, clients without backups, and problems with supposedly correct backups.  Backup monitoring with BACKUP EAGLE® includes much more than just the "failed backups" or "configuration problems" reported by your backup software.

Automatic re-evaluation of irrelevant error messages

Irrelevant errors

Errors that are not relevant for restore are automatically corrected rule-based (e.g. open temporary files)

Re-evaluation of backup jobs

Backups that only contain irrelevant errors are re-evaluated as error-free

Less effort and more quality

Daily control is reduced to backups with only relevant errors

Consistency checks

Deviations in quantity and time

Detection of backups whose amount or duration differs from the average of e.g. the last 8 backups by more than 20%

Self-healing for underground backups

Automatic correction of faulty backups if a subsequent backup is without error

Logical inconsistencies

Detection of e.g. backups with an amount of 0 bytes - because the backup job was changed by mistake

Daily control - optimised

Detailed information at a glance

For each backup job: results, error messages, quantities, runtimes, start, end, and last comment, ...
Filter, search, and sort options available

30 days review

For each backup job:  the last 30 results are directly visible

Comments list

Fast commenting of faulty backups by selection from last comments (client and user)


Missing backups

Detect missing backups - e.g. because they were erroneously deleted from automation

Application server without any backup

Detect servers for which (so far) no backup at all exists

Dedicated protocols for all backups/restores

Automatically get a separate protocol for each backup / restore

Monthly and yearly views

Cumulated results

Month view over all days and year view over all months

BACKUP EAGLE® supports the following Backup Platforms

BACKUP EAGLE® supports IBM Spectrum Protect, IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, Veeam, DELL EMC NetWorker, IBM BRMS, Microsoft Azure Backup, SEP sesam, Rubrik, dsmISI MAGS, dsmISI Storage, dsmISI Veeam, Oracle RMAN, UC4 / CA Automatic Workload, BMC Control-M, DELL EMC Data Domain, IBM Tape Library, DELL EMC Isilon, DELL EMC PowerProtect Data Manager, Commvault, Cohesity, VMware vCenter, and others.

BACKUP EAGLE® ensures complete control of all backups and restores. A separate log is provided for each backup/restore. By re-evaluating error messages that are irrelevant to production, the effort involved in daily checks is considerably reduced. BACKUP EAGLE® detects backups that have not been started - completely independent of the scheduling tool used. Reports are generated daily for all backup results, which can be sent automatically to the persons responsible. BACKUP EAGLE® automatically generates daily documentation about the configuration of all backup servers. This includes a separate report containing all configuration changes since the last documentation.