The “Last Mile” in IT Automation. Offload repetitive processes . . . safely!

 Usually, we think of rights at the computer or device level. 

Cimitra uses a more secure and granular approach to rights, which at Cimitra we call “Micro-Administration”. Gartner Inc. refers to this genre of technology as “Democratization of Expertise“.

Cimitra is about giving individuals (Help desk, other IT workers, and even non-IT personnel) secure access to simple, frequently-used scripts or commands.

Easy permissions and distribution

An Administrator creates “Actions”, which are really just a front-end that is attached to scripts or commands on other computers, generally, these computers, are computers that run server type processes.

The Administrator can then share the Cimitra Actions with other team members, giving them access to securely run those scripts. 

Here are just a few examples. Many commands and scripts are a perfect fit with Cimitra. 

  • Active Directory
  • Reset passwords
  • Add users to groups
  • Manage groups
  • Manage printers
  • Add computers
  • Servers
  • Reset processes
  • SQL queries and updates
  • Check disk space
  • Run build processes
  • Read log files
  • User Provisioning
  • Create users
  • Change titles
  • Change phone numbers
  • Disable/Enable Accounts
  • Printers
  • Restart print servers
  • Update access rules
  • Set printer offline or online