Technology Partners

The solutions that NETCB provide are based on specific system architectures that we design and build for our clients.  Our overall strategy is to simplify the complexity clients are often experiencing in getting all the building blocks in place to build your Secure Digital Future.  We achieve this by re-using technology components from established and leading vendors which are customised as building blocks of a much larger overall Secure Information Technology Systems Architecture.  NETCB inserts our own developed technology components and modules where these vendors lack a specific capability or where a customised integration is required.

This modular approach ensures that we can prevent that a client is locked-in by a single vendor and forced to only be able to use technology components from such a vendor.  In every case we also consider incorporating Open Source software as a primary bridge between various technology vendors.

Our experience over the years has proven time and again that using this modular approach allow us to keep the overall costs significant lower for our clients, but also being able to rapidly make technology changes, upgrades, improvements and perform migrations with minimal impact as a client's demand for certain services evolves.

The following Technology Partners are part of our community of vendors that provide the building blocks of our overall Information Technology Systems Architecture framework.  This framework is the Blueprint that we use to ensure a consistent and simplified approach at each of our clients.

The Data-to-Everything Platform includes everything you need to ensure your digital initiatives succeed. Whether you're just starting to digitize, or you were born in the cloud, innovate with confidence with purpose-built solutions driven by AI and machine learning.

Fast track your digital transformation. Take advantage of the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to get started with SUSE container and application platforms.

VMware streamlines the journey for organisations to become digital businesses that deliver better experiences to their customers and empower employees to do their best work. Their software spans compute, cloud, networking and security, and digital workspace.