Founded in 2003, NETCB is the trusted advisor and service provider to a large number of clients across the globe. NETCB has advised clients, implemented a wide range of solutions, and provided support services to our direct clients in over 15 countries.  These are organisations that vary in size; from five hundred to thousands of users in size.

Using our unique approach through a combination of on-site and remote support services, including the use of video conferencing technology; a relatively small team of consultants and engineers has been able to support some of the biggest name brands across a plethora of industry sectors.

A key component of our operational methodology is the emphasis on 'best of breed technology', without compromising a client into a single-vendor direction and subsequently entrapping the client under such a vendor.  Using our extensive knowledge and experience with regard to Open Source Technology (OST) platforms, combined with selected proprietary vendor solutions, we have been able to create Information Technology architectures for clients that are both versatile and flexible, and most notably, capable of staying ahead of the "Populist Adoption Curve".  This "Populist Adoption Curve" is unfortunately a serious pitfall of the Information Technology Industry and still perpetuates excessive unnecessary spending by clients due to the "FUD" (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) generated by some dominant vendor actors taking advantage of unsuspecting clients.

We have a selection of Technology Partners, all of whom have been selected through years of interpersonal relationship building and partnership, extensive research, intensive testing, soundness of architecture and engineering, consistent delivery of future updates and roadmaps, flexibility in approach to clients, and ultimately; that enables us to offer solutions to clients that will not experience 'sudden death', and where the vendor has committed to not end the life of a technology, but to rather reinvigorate, maintain and ensure that the client can experience a return on investment for the foreseeable future, and not be forced to undergo 'migrations' at a considerable expense on a regular basis.

Our selection of technology partners has also enabled us to provide solutions that are cloud-ready, and that will assist clients to maintain existing Security and Risk management obligations while moving key aspects of their infrastructure to the cloud, where it makes sense.  Too often we have seen how clients have rushed into cloud-based solutions, while simultaneously abandoning their responsibility to preserve the integrity of the organisation's systems and data sovereignty, from an organisational Security and Risk Governance perspective.

Today NETCB operates as three distinct business units:

NETCB's Software Engineering Division

NETCB's Software Engineering division is responsible for innovating new technology solutions.  This is achieved through custom application development, such as migration tools, custom business workflows, and management dashboards, but also NETCB products that are available through our Global Partner Network.

NETCB Distribution

NETCB Distribution is a division within NETCB that is responsible for the distribution of a range of unique and high-quality software products that creates significant added value to the Information Technology stacks of our clients and the clients of our Business Partners.  These products are only available via our Business Partner Network.

NETCB's Consulting Practice

NETCB's Consulting Practice is the original core of NETCB's business.  NETCB has provided a wide range of business solutions through our consulting team to organisations within the Cybersecurity, Digital Workspace, and Hybrid-Cloud solution spheres.  We have provided our consulting and support services now for more than two decades.

The core solution areas of our consulting practices are the following:

Digital Workspaces

  • Document Management
  • Software-defined PBXs
  • Business Productivity Workflow Management (Ad-Hoc, Human Resources, Financial Administration, etc)
  • Unified Communications Archival
  • Intranet Portals
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Office Productivity Applications
  • Secure File Sharing (like DropBox and similar but SECURE)
  • Enterprise E-mail, Scheduling, Calendars, and Task Management

Cybersecurity Security and Governance

  • Records Management
  • Access Governance
  • ITIL Service Management
  • Password Self-Service Management
  • Identity Management
  • Security Information Event Management (SIEM)
  • Privileged Access Management (PAM)
  • Multi-factor Authentication Frameworks (MFA)
  • End-Point Security Management
  • Mobile Device Management

Hybrid-Cloud Computing

  • Cloud Strategy and Migration
  • Software Defined Data Centres
  • Hosted Services (
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Data Protection

Consulting Services

  • On-site and Remote Support Services (
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Project Management
  • Information Technology Strategy Development
  • Information Technology Policy Development